I'm an actress who lives life to the fullest and strives to inspire joy, fun and love in everyone I meet.  


Something you should know about me:

As an actress I'm very good at playing women with high expectations.   You know, the kind of powerhouse, high achieving, extremely intelligent woman, you want by your side if anything goes down.  This is the woman who has your back and has everything under control. And sometimes she can take on too much. She has tenacious ambition but at the same time has a warm heart and is someone everyone can love.  I've been lucky enough to play her most recently in 4 episodes of a new television show entitled "Two Many Moms", to be pitched to networks this year. Additionally, I played her as the lead in an independent feature film entitled "The Motion of the Sun" to be released in 2015.

Don't be fooled I have a wide range of characters I can play. I have trained in scene study with Ken Schatz and in on-camera techniques with Janine DiTullio and Kelly Kimball. I've discovered my actor niche with John Dapolito, and am a member of One on One where I attend workshops to hone my craft. As a child I trained 13 hours a week for 10 years at the esteemed Performer Theater Workshop in NJ. And…yes in my high school years I was a nationally ranked public speaking champion.

That said, I bring a unique educational background, intelligence, and great work ethic to every character I play. I pursued a bachelors in Psychological Brain Sciences at Dartmouth College and then a masters in Public Health at Johns Hopkins. Subsequently, I worked for years as a healthcare consultant until my desire to be an artist was reawakened. 

More things you should know:

I am extremely proud of my organic garden where I am growing heirloom tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, peppers, kale, collards, raspberries, grapes and more. I absolutely love travel. And when I go to Starbucks I tell them my name is Gigi so as not to have to spell out my name. When I walk down the street people smile at me mostly because the corner of my lips are naturally turned up, and I look like I'm smiling at them. 

What's next:

Up next for me…I'm currently on the look out for representation and looking for more opportunities to share my talent. If you want to work together shoot me an email. I'd love to hear from you!