Build the Life You Want One Step at a Time

Yesterday I watched an interview of Melissa and A.J. Leon conducted by Jonathan Fields. The couple are 30-somethings searching for a fulfilling life and looking for what their contribution will be to this world.  Four days before his wedding A.J. left his cushy job at PWC to pursue a life of passion.  He did not necessarily know what his passionate life would look like at the time but as he described his experience one particular statement struck me. 

 ”The first thing that I did was, I went back to what I knew. So, I can start up a little management consulting thing … and I can get clients. And I started putting that together…At first you think as long as I’m my own boss I’m fine.  Then your building something and you realize that your back in prison. But the difference is now it’s locked from the inside and your holding the key

Well it turns out that being his own boss but doing exactly what he was doing at PWC was not fulfilling for A.J.  He was unhappy with the kind of work he was doing and had to start from ground zero once again to find something that would fulfill him.  He tried many different things and many of them were not for him.

I just experienced something similar to A.J.  I was extremely hopeful for making big bucks after spending a whole 6 weeks getting my real estate license.  It was the PERFECT way to work part-time, make tons of money and support my acting career.  However, once I started the interview process, learned about the day-to-day details of the job and what it would take in this economy to make a sale. I knew that this was not the job I wanted.  Realistically, I would not be able to put acting first if I continued down the real estate path.  It was heartbreaking because before now I had never been someone to turn down an opportunity…even if it was an opportunity I didn’t want.   I just couldn’t move forward with it at this point in time.

This experience however, was eye-opening for me because now I have this drive to pursue activities that support a lifestyle I do want.  And though I am laying a foundation for my dreams it will take time and many tries (like in A.J.’s case).  I can only build the life I want by taking one step at a time and finding out overtime what I do and don’t want.  This takes time and I shouldn’t beat myself up about my journey.  There are lessons to be learned along the way as long I pay attention.

Share some stories about a time you had a realization about your life/dreams/desires from someone else’s experience.  I’d love to hear from you.