Which Road Should I Take?

I’m sure you’ve had some big decisions to make at some point.  And you will undoubtedly have a billion more to make as you continue to live an exhilarating, dynamic life.

What do you do if you have 2 roads you can take. One choice would make everyone around you happy.  The second choice is the one you are drawn to.  You have a strong intuition that the second choice  will lead to amazing possibilities. But along with  these possibilities would come disapproval and even more sacrifice.

I’m sure you’ve been in that position before.  And depending on your personality and life experiences, everyone has varying degrees of caring whether a loved one is on board or not.  In my opinion, a loved one is someone who you respect and whose opinions matter.  So what should be done?

Well, nothing is clear cut and every situation is different. But no matter what choice you make honor yourself by explaining your desires and your situation.  Perhaps find a way to make the decision you so desperately want to make and make it even more attractive by addressing your loved one’s concerns. This can only be done by listening to your loved one and seeing what their concerns are.  After everyone is heard, you have all the information you need to make the decision that is best for you.  

Have you ever had a decision to make that you knew could cause conflict depending on your choice?  Share your stories below.