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Hey there, I’m Sagine Valla.

By the way, Sagine is pronounced Sah-zheen. I was born of Haitian parents in New York, and raised in New Jersey. I attended a performing arts school and trained in acting, singing and dancing starting at an early age through to the end of high school.


I earned a BA in Psychology at Dartmouth College and then continued on to receive a Masters at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health which is not the usual route to acting. You see, my parents expected me to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. Like a good daughter of Caribbean parents, I started working in healthcare but I knew I did not want to pursue medical school.


In fact, my love for acting never died and I went on to pursue my own dreams. Today I am thankful for my journey and happy to watch it unfold day by day.

Thanks for visiting my website.


All the best,


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